Efficiency: We have successfully catered for a workplace, industrial environment and a community that is increasingly conscious of the costs and benefits to participants at every level who work better and lead more satisfying lives through the safety and efficiency of our products. Our products work faster and more thoroughly than conventional approaches.

Reliability: The products collectively give a long life, safe, economic solutions and long term environmentally friendly products with major performance improvements depending upon the level of physical complexity.

Accessible Operations Manual Systems: An adaptable, practical and thoroughly documented set of systems incorporated into a set of detailed manuals form the basis for efficient start up and ongoing project management. This system enables joint venturers to meet multiple objectives. These may include improvement of local employment prospects, state of the art training and technology transfer, and lower maintenance costs whether for a private development or publicly sponsored programs. The underlying premise is to provide easy access of the state of the art systems and easy uptake of technologies and training programs suitable for developed and developing countries alike.

Research and Development: The continuing development and streamlining of new materials, products and remediation methods is an integral part of IMCT. As practical innovators to government and industry we are particularly focusing on those materials and products directly capable of integration into manufacturing and distribution systems so that the Group maintains and increases its collective leading edge in those fields