The quality, reliability and delivery service of IMCT‘s products are the concern of every person in the organisation and are not just the sole responsibility of Quality Assurance or ‘somebody else’. In-built quality starts with customer enquiry and service, with the product design and development and then continues right through all subsequent management services and sales support phases from the first enquiry to final delivery. It also includes the quality that comes from the skill and accuracy of the person physically making the product. Thus every section in every division has equal quality-related responsibilities. Quality cannot be inspected into the product.

Each sales, production and support services section is responsible as a team for manufacturing the scheduled quantity in the required time, in accordance with the planned estimate and also at the required quality and cost level. Consequently a make it right first time, every time approach is the key to quality, sales, service, production, cost reduction, productivity and customer satisfaction. All Divisions and participants have an ongoing role. We are in a multiple repeat order business.

To help achieve this objective, quality problems arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with speed, technical efficiency and economy. All the methods and incentives employed are documented and systematically implemented, kept continually under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary. We have a sound management coordination and operations program where all voices can be clearly heard.

Quality Assurance means exactly what it implies: assurance that quality is satisfactory when compared with the reference standard in the contract or specification by using 100% inspection, testing and sampling based on accredited management methods. The Company requires such assurance before our products can be supplied to the customer. The foregoing broad principles are the basis of this group for the assurance of product quality. All members of the team actively support the Quality Assurance Coordination Program in the implementation of this policy as an ongoing commitment.