“Building excellence through people and improved technology”

To be the foremost and most innovative scientifically based fully integrated infrastructure product group in the respective regional markets differentiated by:

  • Good leadership and a strong sense of teamwork bringing cohesion to diverse business areas which meet customer and community needs in superior ways.
  • Finality and completeness in every respect as the recognised feature of business success.
  • Lean management teams having total responsibility and control with commensurate opportunity to attribute their skills and reap adequate rewards for their performance.
  • Personal development which is nurtured through ongoing training and career opportunities arising out of strong corporate growth and performance orientation.
  • The world‘s most cost effective plan, equipment, techniques and research which keep our technologies to the forefront in the principal areas of the world.
  • Investment in parallel technology will be pursued to facilitate growth and to enhance the basic business.
  • The wellbeing and satisfaction of all employees and their families will have an ongoing priority.
  • Being environmentally responsible and embracing sustainable development.

Our philosophy is to be the best in every one of our businesses by:

  • Maximising shareholder wealth and income.
  • Being the dominant market leader.
  • Applying aggressive, dynamic and entrepreneurial management.
  • Interlinking personal and business success.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of ethics,
  • Behaving as good corporate citizens.
  • Maintaining quality, integrity and excellence in our products and our environment.