Vision: To improve and achieve excellence in metallurgical and composite science, processes and products that are ecologically sustainable.


  • International Metals and Composites Technology Inc is committed to global and local sustainability.
  • International Metals and Composites Technology Inc values integrity, honesty and equality, and is committed to operating in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations so as to safeguard the environment, the health and safety of employees, customers and the general public and wider community.

Our Goals and Objectives: International Metals and Composites Technology Inc environmental goal is continuous improvement in best practice encompassing the following objectives:

Environmental Policy in Action

  • Minimisation of the release of pollutants to the environment.
  • Conservation of materials and energy resources.
  • Production of products and services in a safe, healthy manufacturing operation.
  • Provision of products and services that are valuable to our customers.
  • Provision of environmentally benign and sustainable operations.
  • Open communication and involvement of employees, suppliers, customers and communities in which International Metals and Composites Technology Inc and associated joint venture companies operate.
  • An organisation that values natural systems and intergenerational equity.

Less Energy Usage: Consequently heating and cooling costs are reduced compared to earlier technologies. This directly impacts on greenhouse gas production and airborne pollutants.

Less Waste: The production processes are compact and recycling waste products from the other associated processes.

Less Disposal Problems: The products lend themselves to easy clean disposal and can be incorporated into the field as an organic enhancement to improve soil structure. The result and overall impact on the environment is less and the sustainability of the resources is extended.

Less Landscape Degradation: There is no evidence of landscape degradation or any effect on scarce forest resources and subsequent erosion problems impacting upon farming communities or water storage. The predominant offsite preparation and short installation interval in a smaller area minimises any landscape degradation.

Less Factory Pollution: The production process localises and concentrates potential pollution that can be handled effectively at a factory site rather than at diverse locations. The factories operate in an extremely conscious protective environment and potential contaminants can be handled at one source.

Less Noise: The factories can be purposefully designed to reduce noise pollution to the surrounding community. The onsite installations are far less noisy than conventional methods