More Emphasis on Wide Collaboration: International Metals and Composites Technologies Inc‘s open door policy is to combine and collaborate with practical product innovators and scientists and selected venture capital finance providers to co-develop and capitalise on solving practical, horticultural and environmental problems. Our technology accelerator concentrating on allied technologies aims to become the go-to people when a novice innovator needs assistance to move forward.

More Value to First Time Single Innovation Projects: International Metals and Composites Technologies Inc is well placed through its hard-earned product development experience, alliances and general know-how in commercialising products to recognise opportunity and the refinement processes needed. Our inhouse team of associates is invaluable to first time innovators with relatively little commercial exposure and even less time availability.

More Emphasis on Efficient Commercialisation by Entrepreneurial Management: International Metals and Composites Technologies Inc is well placed to assist new products and technologies reach their potential faster through networking into the existing collaborative joint venture structure. The chain of joint ventures in several regions enables suitable products to reach a wider range of opportunities through automatically being designed in or offered as options in suitable projects without the expense and time wastage at their early stage of development.

More Assistance to Innovators Generally with Efficient Commercial Documentation: International Metals and Composites Technologies Inc‘s experience in documenting and creating very detailed operations manuals can be the difference between an accelerated, practical and profitable experience for joint venturers, years ahead of such product innovators reinventing the wheel over several years.

More Emphasis on Fair Dealing, Promptness & Constructive Relationships with Innovators: International Metals and Composites Technologies Inc has a code of ethics and a comprehensive program acknowledged in its Shareholder Management Control Policy Charter designed to enhance the company‘s reputation through realistic innovator sensitive policies that impress and satisfy innovators such as speed in making a decision, constructive relationships based on equality and not coercion.