Shareholder and Stakeholder Regular Announcement Newsletters

International Metals and Composites Technologies Inc values the relationship with all shareholders from the inaugural seed capital group to those that buy on market or in private placements.

A regular newsletter disseminates in all relevant public release announcements that coincides with the releases on the OTC Markets Disclosure and News Service.

OTC Markets Disclosure and News Service

Following public listing the Company will subscribe to the OTC Disclosure News Service as the most cost effective method of reaching the largest group of prospective investors, joint venturers and the financial media. In addition, it meets the regulatory requirements of full disclosure. There are some 2 million hits per month on their website.

The name of the OTC listed company and the expertise and products are placed directly or indirectly it is believed before more than 750,000 professional investors, broker dealers, regulators and other market professionals who are pre-qualified and pay $USD5,000 per annum to receive them. Each time a product announcement or disclosure is made. This may take the form of posting the financial reports, news releases, videos, investor presentations and forward prospect statements other investor communications.

The disclosure service inexpensively meets the required level of disclosure of an OTC listed company and keeps the markets informed at low cost.

It serves as a document retention system as all documents submitted through the service are stored and readily available to investors, regulators and market professionals. The OTC Disclosure News Service allows companies to publish news through third party news wire providers and have that news distributed to market participants and appear on the website.

It gives opportunities to new companies to display themselves and their websites in a credible manner to parties that are potentially seeking co-ventures into their countries or elsewhere in the world or agency and distribution opportunities to expand their own business.

It can indicate to prospective financial services providers, brokers, and several intermediaries that the company is interested in pursuing capital raisings and inviting commercial proposals. These are parties that previously had no knowledge of the company or its activities.

It can indicate that the list of companies is open to offers of new innovative technologies to be introduced through the listed company‘s new division. The presence of the US listed company with Nevada registration is a superior avenue compared to more opaque local companies that parties are not familiar with or which present language problems.

The US OTC Markets listed company can introduce technology developed in the company to prospective US coventurers, licensees or marketers.