Who We Are and What We Do Best for our Customers and Partners

We are an innovative, metallurgical and composites, technology group that has emerged from a collaborative research phase. We have 30 principal products in ten sectors and several under development and adaptation in regional markets. Our specialisation is a unique cost and time saving process for infrastructure markets.

The group can produce products for applications to satisfy a wide variety of purposes as shown in our product profiles.

We are currently planning launching marketing and manufacturing in the United States, and South America and generally throughout Asia and the European Economic Community where we are developing a network of co-venturers in association with a wide variety of industries where our products and technologies are immediately relevant.

Our plans include listing on various OTC Markets (OTC Pink, OTCQB, OTCQX) as criteria can be progressively met. This is both to capitalise on expanding our business, continuous product development and reward our shareholders, staff and other stakeholders as an ongoing commitment.

We have a commitment to the guardians of our country in developing a variety of products eminently suitable to local government, regional and national governments and industry at all levels and its citizens.

We have a strong commitment in a variety of countries in North and South America and the Caribbean where a combined population represents one of the largest infrastructure markets and requires a significant input of such products because of their cost and time saving generally and being able to meet the requirements of the market at all levels of competition, professionalism and activity.

We have a strong commitment to a variety of countries in Northern and South East Asia and India where our unique proprietary products can service problem sites long considered uneconomic to budget for and service despite community pressure to do so.